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Sunday, June 7, 2015

What is On My Desk Today

A Star Wars baseball cap.

A half-filled bottle of S. Pelligrino mineral water (or half-empty, depending on your mood.)

7 post-it notes

Shampoo and Conditioner (?Why???)

2 empty shoe boxes (but they are cute, so I want to do something with them other than throw them out.)

A six inch stack of books about Ireland.


Highlighter (yellow)

A turbo-force fan

a screw driver

2 thank-you cards awaiting inscriptions

a roll of fluoro green duct tape (why did I buy this??)

National Geographic (IS ANYONE OUT THERE? Space issue)

Dia de los Muertos mug filled with receipts for school that I will forget to turn in, and thus, never be reimbursed for.

3 royalty statements (Yay Good Knight Books!!! Hundreds of thousands of copies in print!!)

One expired Disney Pass

Deflated beach ball (I am not making this up)

Yup. It's the end of the school year. The avalanche has tumbled down the hill. There was no stopping it. Now I must deal with the aftermath...provided I survive the next few days, of course.


P.S. What's the most random thing on your desk?

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