Friday, October 10, 2008

On Tour

So, as promised, I wanted to relate a bit about the past weekend. This is me at Barnes and Noble (I am holding my puppet, Baby Dragon, in my hand, trying to talk him out of another tantrum.......he's rather spirited!) There was a lovely crowd for the bookfair which benefitted Casita school in Vista.
The next day, I drove up tp Costa Mesa to appear at the Orange County Children's Book Fair. I was at the booth with several other cool authors. Lots of kids came by to look at books and meet authors. It was great to see so many kids excited about BOOKS! I had some amaziing discussions with kids about their favorite was ultra-cool when one of them would recognize my book as something they had read before or checked out at the library.


I got to sit next the author of The Recess Queen, Alexis O'Neill. Recess Queen and Story Queen! We were the "Royal" end of the booth. (We restrained ourselves from making everyone bow down to us.......barely.)

Celeb sighting....I saw the back of Jamie Lee Curtis' head. Yep. Almost took a picture with my camera phone, but that's kind of stalkerish...besides, it was just the back of her head.....lots of backs of heads look like hers.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


It should not be surprising that there is no entry for the entire month of September. I always forget how busy it is, being the first month of school and all. The house looks like a secret volcano of laundry erupted and of course, the dishwasher broke. Add to that the fact that I have been at work, hopefully sprinkling seeds of inspiration, for long hours every day, and it is surprising that there is even time to sleep!

But the pace slows down each year as we enter into October...yeah, um, right. Actually this is a very busy weekend for me!

Today (10-4) I am doing a book signing at Barnes and Noble at 11:00 a.m. and tomorrow I will be at the Orange County Book Fair all day (appearing as both author and storyteller!) I have missing rhinestones to replace on my shoes and a small tear to repair on my storycape, so there is little time for blogging today. However, never fear. I will report back on these two events next week. (That is when October is really starting......the calendars are just wrong.....)