Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Happy Earth Day!

Earth from space: 15 amazing things in 15 years – Climate Change ...

My favorite pictures of the Earth are those taken from space. What an amazing miracle to have photos of our world taken from the darkness among the stars.

Today, though, since I can't travel into space (yet), I thought I'd take my camera outside and take some pictures of our planet, the part of it that is right in my front yard. Then, I thought maybe I could write the Earth a small note, letting her know how much I appreciate her.

Maybe you can do the same, and write your own, DEAR EARTH letter.

Here are my pictures and my letter:

Dear Earth,

Everywhere I look, I am filled with wonder at your wisdom and beauty. 

This little hummingbird mother reminds me to stay close to my nest and protect those who most need me. She tells me to trust that someday there will be hatching, and emerging, and even flying again sometime soon.

The little succulent in the shadow of the big succulent (look, it is as if they are holding hands) remind me that we all need each other. Some of us are stronger, and it is our responsibility to help the little ones along.

Ah, Earth!  Look at the gorgeousness you give us every single day!  These flowers remind me that new life blooms all the time. And oh, how wonderful new life is!  It takes a person's breath away.

And finally, Earth, you remind me that everything has its season and time. Sometimes, pods must fall to the ground for new seeds to grow. This is the way of things. 

I appreciate you, my planet, and I hope you can have a little time to heal as we all ponder the miracle that is Earth.



Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Writing Fun, April 1

As promised, here is my pupperfly!
And here is what I wrote about him:

Pupperfly was small for a dog with wings.
He was smaller than an orange.
He was smaller than a plum.
He was even smaller than an apricot.
He was actually only about the size of a walnut.

Pupperfly loved being small.
He loved flying in and out of bird nests
and between the stems of flowers.
He loved flying above houses
and churches
and stores.
And he loved flying just underneath the clouds.

He loved most everything about his life.
Until the day he was captured....

Maybe some of you want to complete the story for me!
Otherwise, you'll have to wait to discover who captured him...and why.

But, on to other things.

This week's writing challenge is inspired by Dav Pilkey, who mixed up a policeman with a dog to get DogMan.  Your challenge this week is to write about a dog with a job. Maybe it is a doctor dog. Maybe a hound teacher. Who knows what you might think of!!

I can't wait to hear about your amazing ideas.