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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scary Stuff and Magic

It's been almost two months since The Seven Tales of Trinket came out.

To be perfectly honest, I did not expect it to feel so weird, having this book out into the world.  I thought it would feel kind of like when my other books were released.  Lots of happy feelings and all.

Maybe it's because this book is so much longer than anything I've ever written, or maybe it's because it contains a good deal of my soul, but whatever the reason, the first week after the book launched, I just felt....shy.

And all I could tweet about or blog about was the book, because that was stuff that people already knew.  I couldn't put anything new out there into cyberspace because so much of me was already out there.  And it felt so, so strange.  I mean, I was excited for people to finally be reading my story, especially kids, but at the same time, I just felt very Open and Odd.  And Awkward, too.

It is scary, having so much of your heart out in the world.  And I wasn't afraid of people hating it or anything--that's their prerogative--it is more just that it felt strange to have people knowing the truths I held in my heart.

So, amidst all of these strange and awkward feelings, I find myself trying to work on another book, for what is a writer but one who writes.  And the going is rough.

But there is magic in the world, folks. And the great thing about magic is that it comes upon you when you least expect it. I got a package in the mail, all wrapped in tye-dyed duct tape and inside was this:

It is a hinged seal-box.  And it was the most perfect gift I could have received.  My current story deals with Celtic selkie legends (shape-shifting seals).  What a beautiful and awesome trinket!  And what an amazing way for a friend to reach out and touch another friend, even if they had no idea that the friend was struggling with strange and unusual feelings. (Because this is all kid of weird to be talking about.)

So, thank you, Myrna, for making me feel less alone.  And thanks to all of you who have read Trinket and let her into your hearts.  I am so proud of how everything turned out, even if it feels as if I am broadcasting to the world all of my secrets between the covers of this little book.

Awkward hugs--



Laura Marcella said...

What a beautiful present that arrived at a perfect time for you! You have a good friend. :)

Wishing you and your writing well, Shelley! Happy Halloween!!

Natalie Aguirre said...

How awesome Shelley! Have a great Halloween!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise. : )

Catherine Denton said...

Come here, you! *gives huge awkward hug* Thanks for being so dang honest. I love that you poured so much of your heart into the story that you feel exposed. That's the type of book I relish most.
P.S. Tomorrow's payday and I plan to bring a copy of Trinket home with me. :) A piece of Shelley.
Catherine Denton

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

There's nothing better than a real surprise that is custom-fit. That seal is made of awesome. How fantastic that Myrna sent it to you at just the right moment. More hugs from me to you, to Trinket and to the shape-shifting seals being born in your imagination (which is awesome, by the way).

Kelly Polark said...

Awkward hug back at you! :)

What a lovely surprise! (and wow interesting idea for a story, too!!)

Julie Dao said...

So beautiful! Both the trinket and the friendship :)

Myrna Foster said...

Love you! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself in your posts and in your stories.

And thank you for helping me get through one of my hard times earlier this year. I did use your suggestions to revise that PB manuscript, and I started submitting it to agents last month. It's a step in the right direction.

Catherine Denton said...

I already told you how much I loved your book; but I wanted to give a few more details here.

I read middle grade novels for fun. (Yes, an adult reading middle grade, but I love that genre.) Yours was among the most well-written, beautifully storied books I've read (which is saying a lot, I'm a fast reader).

It was compelling, moving and perfectly paced. Wish I could sit with you over coffee and discuss it. After I was finished, I thought, "This is so Shelley." I hope that makes sense, but it just felt like you. Congratulations on a job incredibly well done!
Catherine Denton

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Awww, that is so special!

(hugs) Thanks for sharing so much with us, Shelley.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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