Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Muse

This is my current muse--a Glen of Imaal terrier.  I have named this one ^ Mungo.  (Although I don't know what its real name is...but I have never seen a dog look so much like a Mungo in all my life.)

One part adorable + one part gruff + one part strong + one part stout = Mungo.

You know, sometimes at night before I go to sleep, I kind of wish I could live in my stories for a while.  Maybe I am just hopeful that the dream faerie will allow me to visit my story-land for a bit.  Usually by morning, theses fanciful thought have disappeared, gone with the last star.

However, I find myself wishing these days for a little terrier named Mungo....(and also wishing that if I did have one, he could also happen to shape-shift into an otter!)

What is your current muse?



Jess said...

My stomach just growled, so I think my current muse is leftover pizza in the freezer that I'll eat for breakfast~ she's a beautiful, complicated muse with sweet sauce and spicy pepperoni, and hopefully she'll fill me with sustenance and a fantastic new idea :)

PS- Mungo is the perfect name for that dog.

Matthew MacNish said...

Mungo IS a perfect name for that guy!

Wendabubble said...

Smartie the hamster

Christina Lee said...

An otter??!!? heh heh, I guess they ARE cute! ((hugs))

Laura Pauling said...

Left over pizza, def. :)

Elana Johnson said...

Nice. I wish my muse was as soft or cuddly. Sadly, right now it oscillates between panic and fear. Hey, at least it keeps me writing!

Corey Schwartz said...

Mungo.. so cute! My muse has apparently decided to take the YEAR off! Yeah, pretty nervy, huh?

Kelly Polark said...

Aww, Mungo is cute!
This is quite embarrassing (but here goes anyway!)
When my husband and I were first married, we really wanted a dog, but couldn't because we were in an apt. So we had a pretend white terrier named Puppers.
We finally got a real dog a year later and named her Nike. But kept calling her Puppers by mistake. So her name became Puppers.

Caryn Caldwell said...

He is so cute! And, yes, Mungo is the perfect name.

Hardygirl said...

My muse is lurking somewhere between InStyle Magazine and the Rachel Zoe project.

Yeah. She's a fashionista muse.


Unknown said...

What a cute muse.

I don't have one. Unless you count running as a muse. Does it count?

Kristen Pelfrey said...

My dog Nia is my muse. She gets up early with me before the teaching day begins and hangs out in my office while the rest of the family sleeps and I write. Her name is Gaelic for "bright light," and she is.
Mungo is stunningly wondrous.

Catherine Denton said...

Your muses are always so cool. I mean, MUNGO? That's creative! Hmm, mine would be a purple-horned fairy with focusing dust.

Jackee said...

A perfect Mungo! And shift into an otter... that would be a cool dream-land dog. :o)

Have a happy Thursday, Shelley!

Margo Berendsen said...

Never heard of a Glen of Imaal terrier! Neat! I love your equation and the dog sort of reminds me a little of Toto, though I know its a different breed (Cairn terrier, I think Toto was?) I often wish to go to my storyland in my dreams too. I have, a few times, what amazing memories! - but its so rare.

I don't have a muse, right now. Maybe that's my problem :) I do love looking at art...

Lydia Kang said...

He's very Mungoish. Perfect name.

My muse is currently curled up in a blankie and sipping hot chocolate. I can't get her off the couch.

storyqueen said...

Jess-I have not ever heard of pizza being a muse, however, after reading your description, I am on board!

Matthew-I know! (But I have been dying to name something Mungo for quite some time...why not a virtual muse?)

Wendabubble-Haha! Smartie the Hamster is an ultra cool name.

Christina-yes. Mungo shape-shifts into an otter. (at least in my book he does.)

Laura-That's two votes for pizza.

Elana-Fear and Panic...aren't those the moons of Mars? So, you have celestial muses. I'm down with that.

Corey-Maybe you need to find your muse's twin (hahaha)

Kelly-Puppers! cute! Reminds me a bit of Mr. Peepers, though.

Caryn-I know! i just wish he was mine.

SF-So long as Rachel herself isn't the muse. He voice is kind of rough and might grate on your ear drums after a time.

Stina-If Jess and Laura can count pizza, you can count running.

Kristen-I did not know that Nia means bright light. I love when I learn new things from my blog friends!

Catherine-Be careful, they say you can't really trust anyone with purple horns...

Jackee-AND he has secrets.....

Margo-Yes, a bit like Toto, but I think Mungo has a bigger head.

Lydia-I think I am about to join your muse. A couch and coco sound perfect.

Catherine Johnson said...

Awh, he's very cute! I should call my muse Buster because son really wanted a dog called Buster and we ended up with a female - oops.