Friday, April 13, 2012

Playing Around with Trailers

So, I am beginning work on my trailer for The Seven Tales of Trinket, but I thought I should practice a bit with the program, Windows Movie Maker, again because it's been a while since I've worked with it.

Sheesh.  It was shockingly easy to forget EVERYTHING I learned.  EVERYTHING!  I could barely open the program, folks.  But after stalling for several days (it's Spring Break!!) and then hearing the sands start to escape from the hourglass at a more rapid pace than I was comfortable with, I took the plunge and started playing around.  I made this trailer for my Good Knight Series:

My struggle was with fitting the music to the graphics, because this is going to be VERY important in the Trinket Trailer.  VERY.  (What is it with me and ALL CAPS in this post?)

After finishing this, I decided I had nothing to lose, so I began putz around with some Trinket images, pictures I took in Ireland, what have you.  Luckily, I have a bit of time, since the launch date is September 4.  But I guess I will have to have it out before then...or pay someone else to make one for me....hehehe.

And as for Spring Break, it's going delightfully well. I survived the Hunger Games inspired egg-hunt at the Thomas house.  Barely.  Cali was the self-declared "game maker" and let's just say that I ended up climbing a tree and hopping a fence in a dress in order to get the golden egg*, all the while having my eggs stolen by Noel.  It was a brutal and ruthless hunt, but luckily I didn't need my bow.

Hope your Spring is springing along!


*Inside the egg was a scroll that read, You are free from chores today.  Of course I wanted it!!


Jemi Fraser said...

I haven't tried my hand at trailers yet. Good luck with it!

Kelly Polark said...

Cute trailer, Shelley! I've played with the movie maker a bit but never set it to music. I imagine it would be very difficult to time the music to the slides!

Enjoy spring break!

And that hunger games egg hunt sounds like a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Spring Break! The trailer is cute.

Julie Dao said...

I love this trailer - adorable! And I wish my family had had a Hunger Games egg hunt! I'm super competitive so I'm sure the arrows would have been flying :)

Christina Lee said...

CUTE (good luck, I'll be seeking your advice someday)!!!

And how hilarious--I would have wanted that egg too!

Julie Hedlund said...

I love your Good Knight trailer, and I'm generally in awe of anyone who can make any kind of trailer. Good luck with the Trinket one!