Tuesday, April 2, 2013



I have a lot I'd like to blog about and just haven't had the time to do it--so soon.  I'll do it very soon.  I mean, I've got to reflect on my March goals and then I had a very insightful experience with Dr. Seuss.  Oh, and I've got to update my progress on the Great Read Aloud Experiment of 2013 (in which I am reading my book to my class).  However, today is Tuesday, the second official day of my Spring Break and thus far, I have written nothing.


And I'd like to finish a draft this week, begin a revision (in which the first page must be totally reworked and if I don't capture the right voice within the first few lines, the manuscript if done for) and draft a very short picture book that has been kicking around in my brain for three weeks.

It seems like a lot--but I've got a week!  A week with no extraneous work!

So, to make myself accountable for today, I am going to live-blog my progress today.  The manuscript I am working on is currently 15,222 words.  I'd like it to be around 20k (about the length of a Wimpy Kid book).  I have fortified myself with a breakfast of a blondie with browned-butter icing, topped with a piece of Irish bacon. (This may be the best breakfast ever!!)  And tea.  Always tea. I let myself have a rare sleep-in this morning, so I can't say that I am tired.  No excuses.  I think I'll start with a 30 minute timed writing and see how far I get.

Wish me luck! Start time:  11:22  Total: 15,222.

(The last line I wrote in this ms is:
     I hear the rocks and dirt crunch under his feet.
     He is coming towards me.)

End time:  11:58  New Total:  15,819

Just did a timed writing for 30 minutes.  Not a bad start.  I got through a scene that I was struggling with (as in having no idea what was going to happen.)  Yay!  Now, I am going to get dressed for the day, maybe read a little, then try another timed writing in a little while.

I decided to do a 1k1hr on twitter with some other authors.  I began at 1:30 and finished at 2:26.    A little over 1,100 words! I worry that I am moving too quickly through some scenes, but I think I can go back and flesh them out if they seem sparse on the re-read.  I am just excited to feel the momentum of the story moving forward to its climax.  I'd love to try another timed writing for an hour in a little bit.  My fingers seem too sloppy to tackle it now.  I am about to enter a battle scene with Vikings, a couple of monks and a very inept knight.  

End time: 2:26  new Total 16,925!

Spent a good deal of time reading.  It is so nice not to fall asleep and have the book hit my face, which happens most nights because I am sooooo tired by the time I finally get to read.  What a gift, to read leisurely.  I was reading Gayle Forman's new young adult novel, JUST ONE DAY,
which was really, really good.  I thought I'd do another timed writing for an hour, but life intervened (in the form of an epic lightsaber vs watergun battle right outside my window.)  I only got about 400 more words.

New Total:  17, 372!

So that makes more that 2k in one day, which is fairly awesome for me.  I might try one more after dinner, which I think will be leftovers from Easter dinner. 

More later, perhaps.

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