Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Story School #1

Hello and welcome! Welcome to the first Story School of 2015!

What is Story School, you ask--let me tell you.  Every Wednesday this summer, I'll post a story starter of sorts.  It might be an idea or a prompt.  It might be just a single word.  Who knows!  Story School started as a way for me to continue to connect with the students from my school (about writing) over the summer. But really, Story School is for everyone, young or old.  Writing exercises often get my writing juices flowing so I thought it would be good to share some of the stuff that works for me! 

Often, I get inspired to write by looking at pictures.

When I was talking with my class last week about Story School, we starting googling images of stuff to get ideas. 

Somehow we ended up with baby monkeys:

Image result for baby monkeyImage result for baby monkey

Now, I have long been a fan of the BabyMouse series:

 I was thinking maybe it is time for a Baby Monkey book (or series!)

So, that is the prompt for today, Baby Monkey.

You can write a poem, a story, or ANYTHING you want!  You can share your writing with me at if you like, but really, the writing is mostly for you. Have fun with it! Because the truth is, I keep writing because it is fun for me. And it is fun to do fun things, right?

(Whatever you do, do NOT google "Baby Monkey Riding a Pig Video" or the song will be in your head FOREVER!)

Have fun!


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